Material Handler: 1246

Prepares materials for lab testing projects.
This type of operation includes:
installing nails with nail gun into boards for drill and saw blade testing, priming and painting drywall boards, cutting boards for testing materials, and assembling boards with hand drills and power screwdrivers.
Prepares samples for lab testing including:
removing varnish from circular saw blades, etching samples for identification, grinding rivets from tools for testing, and disassembling tools for testing.
Provides janitorial cleaning of areas (mopping floors, cleaning equipment, sweeping, tool organizing, equipment moving, and spot cleaning carpets) throughout the entire building before, during, and after lab testing.
More intensive cleaning is needed before tours (tours occur almost every week).
Provides assistance in setting up conference rooms with tables and chairs before large meetings.
Cleans and stocks safety glasses throughout the building for availability for tour and visitors.
Washes and dries lab coats for the entire building on a regular basis in washers and dryers in building.
Destroys test samples after lab testing and places parts in Metals Recycling Area for disposal.
Assists in taking metal recycling to the Recycle company by loading and unloading truck.
Operates fork lift in loading dock areas and will manually load/unload some trucks, pallets and materials.
Will receive and ship shipments for building.
Removes cardboard boxes daily for recycling for entire building.
Removes pallets for recycling weekly.
Performs basic maintenance for the entire building.
These tasks include:
painting walls, repairing drywall, replacing light bulbs, moving equipment at building and warehouse.
Assists with performing some preventative maintenance on lab machines and equipment.
Assists with some lab tests such as:
drop testing, performance testing, and manual cycle testing.
Position requires the following skills:
-Both light and heavy lifting.
-Hand tools (drills, saws, recip saws, and nail guns), table tools (table saws, bands saw, and grinders), drill press, vacuums, and carpet cleaners.
-Fork lift training and proper operation.
-Painting on drywall and rooms.
Required Skills:
Desired Skills:

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