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SQL Server DBA
We currently have an opening for a MS SQL Server DBA position in Huntersville, NC. The SQL Server DBA team is responsible for the 24x7 availability of mission critical databases in production environment and User Acceptance, Development, and Test environments for fast-paced delivery. There is a high expectation in availability, performance and scalability to support the tremendous growth of various applications within the company. The DBA team is responsible for the design, build, ongoing maintenance, failure avoidance, detection and repair of the SQL Server databases associated with the applications. The SQL Server DBA team is also responsible for control of the Production/QA Web and Application server environments from an application change control perspective including installations, problem analysis with the Application Support team members, evaluating vendor recommendations in light of standards and procedures.
Qualified candidates for this position should have a minimum of 6-9 years' experience in the design, implementation, and support of SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 databases. Experience with technology features in SQL Server such as Partitioning, File Groups, Replication, Materialized Views, and Options available in executing database statistics, significant experience with installing and configuring new SQL Server rases, management of database tables - sizing, expansion, and protection. Additionally, candidates must have strong SQL Server database performance analysis and tuning skills including tracing and profiling, experience with Microsoft Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Integration Services, a solid understanding of the Windows server operating system. o Experience producing logical and physical data models in partnership with the business, data architects and applications developers and in-depth understanding of best practices utilized to produce quality physical database designs. Candidates must have broad knowledge of related infrastructure, tools and services in support of SQL Server databases such as SANs, backup technologies, database administration, and business continuity and exhibit strong teamwork and individual drive - highly motivated, articulate and eager to learn.
Top 3-5 must have skills:
Mid to senior level MS SQL Server DBA skills
Partitioning, file groups, replication and executing db statistics
Logical and physical data models

Degree Requirement: either a degree or equivalent amount of experience

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